Dozens of Foreigners’s headliner, Romanian theater actress Dorina Harangus: Artist is the person who has home sickness and cannot reach her place.

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Dorina Harangus, photo: Julia Cookie

The play “Onlarca Yabancı” (Dozens of Foreigners), features the life of Sorina, a woman who encounters the social, political, religious and cultural barriers of Turkey – a country completely foreign to her.

Romanian theater actress Dorina Maria Harangus depicts the stories of women who have settled in Turkey from Germany, Romania, Holland, Colombia, Russia, Africa, England, America, Czech Republic and Argentina.

Prior to her performance, Harangus met with other foreign women, listened to their stories and had new experiences on her tour around Istanbul. The women posed for her camera and talked about their life. Set on one of Istanbul’s streets, Sorina tells the stories of 10 women accompanied by cellist Damla Aydın and songs by Işıl Kandolu.

Sorina explores whether her soul is adapted to each story as if she was trying on a dress each time.

The photos of the 10 women are shown to viewers in the background, enhancing the performance. Harangus used women’s stories, news and information from her friends and Facebook in her performance.

Here is an interview to introduce you Dorina Maria Harangus..

Would you tell us about your education and artistic life?
I have a bachelor degree in theater, art of the actor. I studied in a university in Romania. For 10 years i performed in state theater in Romania and in the same time i was doing some other projects. In total i played in 35 performances and I directed 9. I wrote theater and poetry and tried lots of hand crafts. I am that kind of artist with one leg in each art.

What is about your last theater work in Istanbul? 
My last work in Istanbul “Onlarca Yabancı” (Dozens of Foreigners) is a play which i wrote, i directed and i play it. Near me i have a cello player, Damla Aydin and a singer , Isil Kandolu. Together we tell the real stories of 10 foreign women who lived or passed through Turkey, most of them through marvelous city of Istanbul to take some photos and get involve in other women’s stories till she decides to tranform it into a project of photography. Imagine that we are on the street and there is a bilboard where the photographs Sorina took appears in the place of commercials.

Photographs were taken by two great foreign women professional photographers from Journey Collective, Julia Cookie and Martina Korkmaz. These photos have great impact in the stories.

Our next performance will be on 19 April at 19:00 at Nazım Hikmet Kültür Merkezi – Kadıköy.

What is your definition of art and artists ?
I will make a brain storming..
Art is another look to the world..
I think art is the best demonstration of Einstein theory of relativity because it shows that world is exactly how we perceive it, depending of the viewer.
Artists are all revolutionaries, they want to exchange the world the people see with the world they see.
Art is a way of self expression and the artist in the one who undress in public.
Artist is the person who has home sickness and cannot reach her place.
The art is the replacement of scream..
Artists are people who cannot stay in their skin.
Art is the other side of all things.
Artists are some nice crazy people who cannot live without their work.

You made me think about art and artists.. Thank you.

..and your feelings about the theater? Why do you do theater ? 
I do theater because i have some things to say, to share. I do theater because my body, my mind and my soul needs to get out and walk on unstepped paths. Because i am curious. Because sometimes i need to tranform my scream in something bearable. Because telling a flower is beautiful became an ordinary thing, people are passing by beauties every day without seeing them. I need to tell that the flower is beautiful and i have to find another way, the unstepped way which may take the others attention and make a flower to be beautiful. Is it a flower beautiful if we don’t see it ? The flower is just an element i used as an example. It can be anything.


Photo: Martina Korkmaz
Since when do you live in Istanbul?

I have been leaving here for almost 9 years. I married with a turkish guy, that’s how i came here.

Where are your favorite places in Istanbul?
My favorite place is in the ship. I love the sea and i love to move from one continent to another.

Can you describe Istanbul with your 5 senses?
Walking through this city you get into the noisy crowd, you let yourself packet into a sweet spicy smell mixed with the smell of the sea, you feel attracted by the smell of turkish coffee, you sit on a table and drink it while you have a friendly chat with the totally unknown person near your table. If it’s a man you may find yourself in an misunderstood situation. After a while you are tired of colors and hungry and you may gain some kilos after you eat a big buttered “pide”. It is so good that you don’t even feel guilty..

Do you have a dream project about Istanbul?
No, i don’t. I am acting according to my inspiration. Little projects seems more suitable for me.

I don’t want to wrestle with the giants

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