2015 Winter collection of Deniz Tunç Design celebrating her 15th Anniversary “Kinesis”

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As continuous movement “Kinesis” is the name of the last collection of Deniz Tunç and it is like a reference to her 15 year old design travel…

“Kinesis” indicates motion on the one side and growth and progress on the other side. Everything born, grown and ending in universe is in continuous “Kinesis”; it reproduces and then it changes its property by spattering.
For ancient age philosophers, matters quicken by beating each other like billiard balls. Beginning from the First Touch, this motion has been continuing. Philosophe Anaxagoras called the first touch as “Nous” and Philosophe Aristoteles called the same as “Unmoved Mover”.
As the continuous change and improvement created by the “Kinesis” opens the road to new formations, the lines of the last collection of Deniz Tunç emphasize this continuous motion and progress. One can see the flapping wings of butterfly, the orbits of planets, the vibrating molecules on her designs…

Deniz Tunç is known with her lighting, furniture and interior designs. Interior and object designs with her signature decorate since 15 years the luxury office, residence, hotel, restaurant and clubs in various cities throughout the globe like Istanbul, Moscow, London, Dubai, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Algiers, Athens, Vienna, Kuwait, Jeddah…

She graduated from the Stage and Costume Design Department of Mimar Sinan University. She designed stage and costume for advertisement and movie films. She designed leather product collections for various brands. She then started to design interior and decoration goods – especially lighting.

She opened her first showroom in the fashion and design district of Istanbul called Nisantasi in 2000. Being inspired from the eastern mysticism and Ottoman grandness, her first collections name was “Neo-Ottoman”. Her Lights which she called Crescent, Chintemani, Sadabad, Istanbul became famous and took their places in elegant and unique interiors since then as Deniz Tunc classics.

Deniz Tunç realised her designs in metal and wood workshops she founded working with the skillful hands of master of domain craftsmen coming from traditional hand workmanship.

The orientalist taste of  Deniz Tunç signed designs went over the country borders and took their places in interiors like Dubai ZabeelSaray Hotel, UAE Ankara Embassy Residence, London Kazan Restaurant, Moscow Rixos Hotel Spa, Turkey Astana Embassy, Abu Dhabi Saadiyet Beach Ressort, Chicago Park Hyatt Hotel, Libya Tripoli Hotel, Dubai Beach Palace Hotel, Qatar Al Wajba Hotel etc.

Being inspired from her past, culture, eastern objects, structures and ornaments she created various designs and spread to the modern world, which are all art objects in the taste of statutes and took their places in unique interiors.

The designer delivers her story telling and soul giving “modern” works to the last user by using a wide range of architects as her solution partners. One of her most appreciated properties is her ability to create new forms attracting attention with their spontaneity and uniqueness.

In 2010, she moved to a larger showroom. In this 200sqm showroom on Abdi Ipekci Street of Nisantasi, she currently celebrates her 15th anniversary.

Without giving up her passion for metal, she also uses wood, glass, leather and fabrics. She points out that within years her search for new forms and textures brought her to more simplified designs. This attitude of Deniz Tunç is reflected on her 2015 collections of “Amorph” and “Kinesis”.
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